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7 techniques for graphic design

Contents Intro Subject/Concept Techniques Format Form Layout/Composition Motion Colour Typography Systems Conclusion Introduction Consider graphic design as visual communication, analogous to verbal communication. Verbal communication is about passing information from one person to another through spoken or written words – it employs verbal techniques like language, vocabulary, slang, volume, body language, figures of speech, sentence structure etc.  Experts in 7 techniques for graphic design

5 things for 2021

Here are five ‘goals’ for 2021. Three big-picture and two more specific 1. Make more design-friends. I’ve been feeling a bit isolated design-wise this year (has everyone?) I actually don’t know if it’s because of the pandemic or that my closest design-friend moved to Sweden. I also think that my mindset since moving on from A 5 things for 2021

Welcome to G.A Projects

Hey, I’m Graham, 🖐 an independent Art Director and Designer. I’ve worked in broadcast and branding for a decade and I was one half of A Day Out studio too until it’s closure. I take on meaningful visual projects – some self-directed for my own development or working with friends and clients on their projects. The Welcome to G.A Projects