Ragin’—Special Edition Beer

When Dead End Brew Machine and Gallus collaborated on a special edition beer, their chosen theme was of course – zombies – or more specifically the zombies from ’28 Days Later’. They named the beer Ragin’ as a nod to their Glasgow roots and the virus in the film. The label had to grab attention

Gemma & Jacs Yoga

Gemma and Jacs believe yoga is for everyone, from ‘never-stepped-on-a-mat beginners’ to more experienced yogis who want to keep up their regular practice. They run friendly, relaxing classes where people can focus on developing their yoga without taking it all too seriously. First, a brand strategy was defined. Following on from that the creation of a

Cultural Canons and Kickflips

Cultural Canons and Kickflips, was an art exhibition and series of events run by Re:ply Skateboards over three consecutive weeks. A fundraiser for Govanhill Baths in Glasgow. It revolved around art and music from the skateboard community of Glasgow. The posters were inspired by classic modernist designs to push the visual language towards that of an art exhibition as opposed