Past projects, unchosen ideas, and experiments which don’t fit our main body of work but have informed and shaped G.A’s approach.

Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival — Unused Visual Identity

An unused idea pitched to the Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival way back in 2014. The identity uses a dynamic device, a projection, which can be used on its own or to frame images. The other shapes and colours are influenced by Spanish modern art, Miro in particular 👨🏻‍🎨. I used this both as a visual cue

Make Works —Patreon Gift

‘Hand And Hammer’ A pattern-making tool packaged as a typeface. Designed as a gift for Make Works to send to their patrons. Make Works is an open-access directory of fabricators, material suppliers, workshops and manufacturers. Inspired by material and process ‘Hand And Hammer’ opens production to everyone. Much like Make Works itself. Created with Malcolm Murdoch

A: Skateable Object

A: Skateable Object was a sculpture for the Cultural Canons and Kickflips exhibition back in 2014. The experiment combines typography and skateboarding. What’s not to like? Normally skateboarders would appropriate existing street furniture and architecture, instead, A: Skateable Object asks how they would interact with typography. Obstacles were generated by extruding and rotating pre-existing typefaces