Cultural Canons and Kickflips

Cultural Canons and Kickflips, was an art exhibition and series of events run by Re:ply Skateboards over three consecutive weeks. A fundraiser for Govanhill Baths in Glasgow. It revolved around art and music from the skateboard community of Glasgow.

The posters were inspired by classic modernist designs to push the visual language towards that of an art exhibition as opposed to a clichéd ‘skate’ aesthetic. They were riso-printed and then in the spirit of Re:ply skateboard’s use and reuse ethos, each consecutive event was screen printed (DIY in a garden shed) onto the original poster.

The events were a huge success with two packed nights and regular visitors across the two weeks. Raising money for Govan Hill baths and helping to promote Re:ply as an innovative environmentally aware company.

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