G.A.Projects is a design studio founded by Graham Anderson, specialising in brand and art direction for cultural, creative and social engagement.

G.A.Projects uses thoughtful strategy, divergent ideas and radical visuals.

Helping you to

• Connect with and move your audience
• Challenge perceptions
• Look the part
• Communicate your subject with ease
• Succeed in your ambition
• Engage Life

Thoughtful Strategy

What is brand direction?

Strategy is the formation and execution of a plan to reach a specific goal. The goal is to engage your audience by influencing how they perceive you or your output.

G.A.Projects helps organisations, and companies express their authentic selves to inspire emotion, and connection from their audience.

Brand strategy provides clarity of message and direction for actions, giving organisations the ability to grow while maintaining consistency and quality.

G.A works with organisations to define and establish a robust verbal definition of their brand, which then turns into the blueprint for their messaging and behaviour.

Basically, it’s a great piece of work to invest in first.

Divergent Ideas


Graham Anderson is a skateboarder and has been for 22 years. Although Graham draws on a wide range of subjects for inspiration, his creative approach is in no small part informed by his immersion in the subculture of skateboarding.

He’s interested in its outsider relationship to mainstream culture and its hybridity with other subcultures. He’s also interested in the social dynamics within the scene, its strong sense of community as well as its inclusive/exclusive nature. He’s also interested in its complex relationship to commerce, society, and the spaces we live.

As well as a deep interest in culture, skateboarding has instilled an explorative, progressive, determined ‘fall off and try again’ attitude in Graham, which permeates through his approach to life, G.A.Projects and its output.

Radical Visuals

Art Direction

We make the verbal-visual. Taking insights from our research and exploring ways to convey them visually.

From A to B through our tried and tested design process:

  1. Research
  2. Analysis
  3. Ideas
  4. — Check-in One
  5. Development
  6. — Check-in Two
  7. Refinement
  8. — Check-in Three
  9. Production
  10. — Delivery

Ideas unlimited – If we can think of it we can do it. G.A.Projects pulls on a large network of talented creative suppliers and friends that work in many different specialisms –from 3D, motion graphics, editing, web development, illustration, sign-painting, photography, installation, and so on and so on.

Got your own people? we’re more than happy to link in with them and collaborate, whether that’s liaising with project managers, producers, or marketing executives, or to transition a new brand to an in-house design team. 

Gallus Brewing
Maker’s Space

To get inspiration and ideas for your brand take a look through our portfolio, exploration or blog and follow G.A on Instagram.

If you have an idea that you’re looking to launch or a brand you want to refresh, get in touch and we can organise a meeting.

(Remote meetings welcome).