A: Skateable Object

A: Skateable Object was a sculpture for the Cultural Canons and Kickflips exhibition back in 2014. The experiment combines typography and skateboarding. What’s not to like?

Normally skateboarders would appropriate existing street furniture and architecture, instead, A: Skateable Object asks how they would interact with typography. Obstacles were generated by extruding and rotating pre-existing typefaces to create 3D forms.

Digital Sketch

For the letter, ‘A’ the typeface Bank Gothic was chosen, although not a favourite of ours normally, from a skateboarding point of view, its a very versatile typeface. Because of its wide base and short x-height, the angle of its sides make it possible to roll up and its flat top makes it ideal to grind along.

Ross Zajac, Danny Aubrey and Myself

The sculpture as with the posters for the event was inspired by modernist art which G.A was exploring at the time. We loved the bold simple forms by Sol Lewitt and Donald Judd so this was our way of experimenting and imitating what we were seeing.

It’s important for G.A.Projects to pursue self-directed as well as client-based work, its where you can play about with ideas and techniques. Thanks to Jake Marshall for helping to build the obstacle.

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