Various posters from various events:

Poster for a tour taking in the scurrilous and disrespectful highlights of Glasgow’s urban environment. A collaborative project between graphic designers A Day Out and architecture studio Dress for the Weather for the Archifringe 2018.

Designed while at A Day Out. The below poster promoted an exhibition of our work at the Lighthouse design museum in Glasgow. Our work as a design studio often approached expected tropes with an irreverent attitude. The concept of dressing up for a formal event as a suppressed eccentric as well as riffing on ridiculous, corporate paraphernalia led us to these ‘A Day Out’ branded cufflinks.

A two week exhibition about skateboarding, music and art at the Govan Hill Baths in Glasgow.

Series of three posters for OFFBEAT club night at La Cheetah.


Rio Mapacho

Visual identity for Rio Mapacho Brewery, a new brewery located in Paucartambo, Peru. An Andean funhouse of brewing, with the jungle on it’s doorstep and a rich cultural history, colour and shapes and dancing are go!


A small craft brewer from Glasgow. A taste for classic corporate design and a whimsical sense of humour combine to make Conic’s appropriately inappropriate identity. Conglomerate branding for a one-man band.

Make Works

‘Hand And Hammer’ A pattern-making tool packaged as a typeface. Designed as a gift for Make Works to send to their patrons.

Make Works is an open access directory of fabricators, material suppliers, workshops and manufacturers. Inspired by material and process ‘Hand And Hammer’ opens production to everyone. Much like Make Works itself.


Brand Identity for ScotPulse and the following marketing campaign. Scotland’s largest online survey panel could not exist without opinions. So opinions were put at the heart of their identity and communications.

Winner of Corporate Identity at the Scottish Creative Awards 2017

Bronze in Brand Development and Design category at the Marketing Society Star Awards 2017

Mark Makers

The Pollokshields Trust are turning a disused bowling green into a public space, The Common. The new space will be a place for all walks to get to know each other, relax, have fun and run projects.

We proposed a simple visual identity which can be owned by the community. Something that can be evolved and used easily by members and the community.

They created a small body to start it, recruit volunteers to build and run the space: Mark Makers.

Gallus Brewing

Gallus brewing were looking to launch into the crowded market of Glasgow craft brewing and mark themselves as different from the ‘establishment’ of Drygate and Brewdog. Gallus wanted to throw out the artisanal, delicately crafted rubbish that other brewers talk about. They simply aimed to make tasty beer for tasty people. Gallus brewing is a Glasgow company that does craft brewing differently: Bold, brash, Gallus!

Featured on AIGA – Eye On Design’s instagram.

We aimed to match Gallus’ ‘anti’ approach to brewing with an ‘anti’ approach to the tropes of craft brewing design. A lo-fi treatment and monochrome palette were chosen to stand out from the mess of colour on the shelves. With a bold name like Gallus we weren’t aiming for constraint on all fronts. We threw out the intricate illustrations and threw on a Gallus scribble. A mark that says: I know best.

We then developed simple brand guidelines to future-proof Gallus and encourage endless variety and exploration which can grow as the company does.

“With so much choice available now in craft beer, it’s difficult to visually stand out. The guys have nailed it time and time again. With this branding and the label designs; I usually end up with more praise for the packaging than the contents!”

Ben Kassous —Owner